Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New beginnings, or so I hope

So, I met him yesterday.. He looked just like I expected, only better..He was so attentive, and careing. We kept our distance, tried to play it as friends, and I was asked once, but I said we where just friends. Just so to not start an all out war.. But, I gave in, and for now, he seems right, I hope he stays that way, he is so sweet, and innocent, I dare not to soil or damage him, but I might, and I don't wan't to...

It's been a few days now, since I first met him, and he still is so sweet, but he reminds me of my ex boyfriends.. I try to look at him different, I mean he is, but still... I think I still need some time, thankfully he's willing to wait, and just that makes him different.

I think I really have to get used to a guy like him...

but I am willing to give it a shot!

I mean, if a messed up girl like me can find a guy who loves her, after all this.., then one day, maybe.. I will have my dream..

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