Sunday, June 1, 2014

back.. sorta..

Well, here i go again. Went to a party yesterday and... Wonders of wonder, made a complete ass of myself,.. Again. I embaressed my boyfriend in front of all his friends, whom, by the way, none seem to like me that much, i sat on the street throwing up, only after i threw a hissy fit, because i wanted to smoke a joint, and to top it all off.. After we finally did manage to get my drunken ass home, i wanted some sexytime.. Which backfired as it always does, because i am a stupid cunt and cant do nothing right.

So. Here i sit, at half past 9 in the morning, on my phone, and my boyfriend is happily snoring his dreams away. I have been yet again kicked out of the bed, which tends to happen all the time when he is sleeping next to me.. Real nice... And he wonders why i am cranky all the time... Maybe because of the lack of sleep..? Ya think..? I spend well over 4 hours in public transport each time i see him, and i have to sleep in a single bed with a guy almost triple my size, who also seems to forget me most times, because his raiding buddies are much more fun. He's even bought a lady who helped him a mount for 23k gold, and let me tell you, that is a lot of virtual money. He keeps on telling me he loves me and he doesn't want to be without me, but lately i am not feeling it. I just feel like i am there to scratch an itch for him, and for the rest, he is happy with his online friends.

I am feeling so very loved... Not.