Friday, October 12, 2012

Halfway through.. some upsides, some downsides

Ok so, yesterday I had school.. No sleep, well, hardly any.. overslept for school... Still not registered, so I still couldn't do anything. And today, I A) got my ass handed to me, because I did have a bit much too drink on Wednsday, B) because they felt that I was not in it as much as I said i was. So, I get more hours, so I can be controlled more, and also,I will probably get my ass handed to me a second time this week from my counsellors...

On a plus side, I have the weekend off, this week and next week. So next week I am going to meet up with some guildies, for the first time, and I feel really exicited about it, because in the past week, I have gotten to know them, and they have really been supportive and helpfull.

I still don't know how to deal with the break-up, because it  still hurts me to have been shoved aside so crudely..

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